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My lectures are one hour long and are geared for groups from 25-300. They are informal and full of a lot of information on American quilts, quilt history, and social and cultural contexts. If you love history, you will love these lectures. The lectures are presented in PowerPoint utilizing a computer and LCD projector, yours or mine. I also need a table for book sales and a quilt rack to display one antique quilt. My book will be available for sale, and I will autograph copies. In order to not disappoint anyone, it would be advisable to announce beforehand that I can only accept cash or personal checks.


Posing with Patchwork
Janet combines her fascination with a life-long interest in photography and quilts into a collection of 1,000 historic photographic images, each containing a quilt and dating from 1855 to 1955. In Posing with Patchwork, Janet will reveal the story behind some of her more interesting photographs. In all of these photographs, the photographer and the subjects chose to include a quilt – a decision that enhances our understanding of the image and illustrates the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”


Discovering Meaning in Historic Quilt Photos

Janet began her collection of quilt photographs over ten years ago when she was the Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colorado. An intern showed her how to purchase these vintage photos on eBay. Janet will describe her learning process, secrets, and words of wisdom, which all lead to her writing her book, Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955: A 100 Year Photographic History.


Lectures: $450.00
Additional expenses would include travel by air (with airport parking fees and baggage checking charges), or IRS mileage rate by car, and overnight lodging and meals where necessary. Contact me for guilds less than 150 members and within 50 miles of Denver.


References will be made available upon request. Click here to see my current teaching itinerary.

The photographic images on this website are the property of Janet Finley. Any duplication or use of these images, private or public, without the expressed written consent of Janet Finley constitutes copyright infringement.

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