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Half-day workshops: $375


Workshops are limited to 20 students, with an additional $15/student up to 30 for handwork classes, provided the classroom space is adequate.


References made available upon request. Click here to see my current teaching itinerary.

Manx Roof Tile Quilt
AKA English-Pleated Log Cabin Block

Half-Day Class


This is a half-day hand-sewing class. No sewing machine is required. The method is fun and relaxing, and it is addictive! A class hand-out is included in the class fee. It is a really wonderful way to use your scraps. Pre-class preparation is minimal. If you can do a running stitch, you can do this class.


The Isle of Man is in the middle of the Irish Sea between Ireland, England, and Scotland and Wales. It is 13 miles wide and 39 miles long. The Manx people have a mixed ancestry of Celts and Norse invaders. In 1765, they became a British Crown dependency and that’s their status today. They do have a Manx language (Celtic origin) but for the most part speak English. A history of the Manx Log Cabin quilt will be included.


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